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Junction Box


Product Specification

Junction Box takes the input from multiple load cells and sums them in parallel to form a single output equal to the sum of the forces on the load cells. Summing is a common practice in industry, as most tanks, hoppers and platforms are often supported by 3, 4,6 or 8 load cells which are used to give the total weight being monitored.


Features :

  Parallel Connection up to 10 Load Cell

  Connections of Load cells Through direct soldering / For 4 - wire or 6 wire Load cell


Stainless Steel Housing :

  Environment Protection Made IP-65 With mounting tongues / Wall mounting possible

  Input & Output cables Through metric Metal Cable Glands PG-9

  Approx Weight- 825g

  Dimensions- 235mm x150mm x40mm


Lightening protection:

Voltage spikes can originate from many causes, some of which could be electrical surges, lightening, welding, electrostatic build up and accidental mains connection as may happen with a damaged power tool. The damage to a load cell occurs when the voltage of the internal circuit is substantially different from the voltage of the body and insulation breaks down. Surge events may act in differing ways, for example a surge in a load cell cable raises the voltage in the cable above the voltage in the metal body of the load cell which is connected to the frame of the scale until the insulation breaks down. A lightning strike on a weigh bridge raises the potential of the load cell body to thousands of volts while the internal circuitry which is connected through the cable to an indicator some distance away may stay at normal potential. The ALP limits the voltage rise occurring in the cable connected through the ALP glands relative to the brass stud protruding from the case of the ALP and therefore connection of the brass earthing stud of the ALP is a crucial consideration as this affects the potential to which the voltage in the cables will rise.

As stated above the earthling or grounding point is important to effective surge protection. The earth lug needs to be effectively bonded to the scale frame ground for load cell protection or indicator electrical ground for indicator protection.