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Weighbridge Software


Product Specification

We provide weighbridge management software for printing weighment slips and generating reports. Customer can use either our Intelligent Terminal or a standard PC at their weighbridge for this purpose. The software choices are many for the both. Customer can choose the software from Ablaze softtech or can develop in house software for PC.


Weighbridge software for intelligent terminal :

Ablaze Intelligent terminal is a rugged and sleek system specially designed for use in harsh and dusty environment of weighbridges. The software has been developed in such a way that it fulfills most of the requirements of weighbridge data management.


Standard Software Features :

  Operating Method: Operator Prompting & Menu Based User Friendly operation.

  Number of Records (Storage): 13999 Transactions. (In Standard Configuration).

  Type of Reports: Date-wise/ Truck-wise.Completed/ In-complete Weighments.

  Format of Report: Vehicle number, vehicle type, material, first weight and second Weight, net weight, charges, driver in/out, payment, party name, date and time.

  Weighment Slip Details: Weighment Slip contains Serial No., Key No., Truck No., Material/Party Name, Date, Time, Gross/ Tare/ Net Weight etc.

  Re-Print Facility: Available.

  Manual Tare Entry: Available.

  Electronic Calibration: Available.


Technical specification:

  DISPLAY: 16x2 big LCD display, 6 digit bright LED display.

  KEYBOARD: Works with standard IBM PS2 keyboard.

  REAL TIME CLOCK: For automatic date and time.

  COMMUNICATION: RS232 port (optional).

  PRINTER PORT: One Centronics Compatible Printer Port.

  POWER REQUIREMENT: Works on 230V AC mains. Inbuilt SMPS allows 100-280V operation

  CIRCUIT PROTECTION: Through Fuse (1 A)

  INTERNAL BATTERY LIFE: Allows the data to be stored in the Memory for a period of 90 days without the system is being ON.

  Operating Temperature Range: 10oC to 55oC

  Relative Humidity: Max95% RH (non-condensing)


Windows based weighbridge software for p.c.:

For the customers who want to use P.C. at their weighbridge for printing weighment slips and generating reports, Ablaze also offers simple, easy to operate weighbridge management software for PC. The software has been developed keeping in view most of the aspects that a genuine weighment software should have. The ablaze softtech offers so many facility such as e-mail( all weighment details e-mail to party or owner), SMS( all weighment details sms to part or Owner), CCTV( two camera attach with weighbridge front and back and capture photo at the time of weighment print with weighment slip).